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Tae Kwan Do Belt


  • What Do I Need To Bring To My First Martial Arts Lesson?
    Ensure you're wearing apparel that you can comfortably perform physical activity in! Additionally, remember to bring along a bottle of water for your martial arts lessons. You'll discover that attending this school provides a great exercise and plenty of entertainment!
  • I'm Not Very Sporty or Coordinated, Will That Be A Problem?
    Starting our martial arts classes is a great choice for many people, even if you don't consider yourself particularly coordinated. You'll find our instructors highly experienced and well-equipped to provide easy-to-understand instruction. After giving yourself some time to adjust and get familiar with the class, you'll be amazed at the progress you can make! Come join us and see what you're capable of!
  • Will My Child Become A Bully?
    Our students gain confidence to face bullies and develop an attitude of kindness and respect for others through their martial arts instruction.
  • Are Parents Allowed To Watch?
    We invite parents to be part of their children's martial arts classes, where everyone has a great time! In fact, we even have martial arts classes for adults - you and your kids can share in the joy of martial arts together and strengthen your bond as a family. And if you need some ‘me-time’? Just drop them off, go grab a coffee, and they'll be all smiles when you return.
  • My child zones out in class and misses important instructions. Can taking martial arts classes help them do a better job of focusing?
    Martial arts training imparts important life skills to kids, such as how to remain attentive and aware of themselves and their environment. This helps them hone in on the task at hand, whether it's succeeding in a martial arts class or focusing in the classroom.
  • My child is disrespectful to me and to other caregivers. How can studying martial arts change that?
    At the dojo, respect is the foundation of our activities. Learners of martial arts must show respect to their teachers and classmates. Through this practice, they develop an understanding of how to honor and admire their parents, tutors, guardians, and brothers and sisters.
  • My child still has temper tantrums and I’m worried about how they’ll behave in school. Can studying martial arts help?
    We empower children to develop their ability to regulate their emotions and show respect to others, both of which are essential life skills they can apply in school.
  • My child gives up easily when frustrated. I want them to learn persistence. Can your classes help?
    We emphasize the significance of effort and perseverance, that they can be very rewarding.
  • How Long Until I Get My Black Belt?
    Becoming a Black Belt is a personal journey and everyone's progress is different. It can take a while, but the end result is so worth it - you will have amazing self-defense abilities that can protect you for life. Along the way, you will also gain essential skills such as perseverance, never giving up, commitment and self-discipline, which will contribute to your long-term success. Our instructors at Secaucus Martial Arts Center are dedicated to helping you achieve your Black Belt and other goals.
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